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Marble restoration

The Experts in Marble Restoration and Polishing in South Florida

High Shine Marble Restoration is your expert in marble. Our experts are fully versed in all aspects and characteristics of marble floors and surfaces. We understand its value and are very passionate and strongly committed to providing all of our customers with the highest quality service and education on the proper care and maintenance of your marble. We will happily teach you the proper way you should care for and clean your marble. With our help, your marble will stay beautiful and last longer.

High Shine Marble Restoration is your local professional in marble solutions serving Miami, FL, Hollywood, FL, Parkland, FL, and all surrounding cities. Our services involve floor cleaning, floor disinfecting, marble polishing, Italian floors,Terrazzo marble, natural stone repair, natural stone sealing, kitchen marble polishing, bathroom marble polishing, living room marble polishing, dining room marble polishing, countertops, and marble restoration across all surfaces. We also offer expert advice on the daily routine maintenance and refinishing processes to keep your marble floors, countertops and tables in fantastic shape.

Marble floors and surfaces add a beautiful, resistant, stylish finish that elevates the look of your rooms and improves the value of your home. Over time, stone becomes dull and scratched and loses its shine and luster. To restore its original beauty, it’s necessary to professionally polish and refinish it. Our services range from small residential jobs to large commercial projects. Our professionals at High Shine Marble Restoration will gladly offer you expert, informed, helpful advice regarding the proper care of your marble.

Marble Restoration
High Shine Marble Restoration

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High Shine Marble Restoration is a marble floor restoration company that resides in Miami, FL. And serves all of South Florida. We offer marble polishing and concrete polishing services throughout Parkland, Boca Raton, Broward, Palm Beach and Miami-Dade Counties.We have over 20 years experience in marble Restoration.

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